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As you explore the dark caverns of the world, you may come across different types of Containers buried in the game. The two most common types are Chests and Obelisks.

Chests[edit | edit source]

You will find Chests scattered around each biome you explore, and most will contain loot related to that biome. Chests are a good source of crafting materials. There are also special pieces of equipment that can only be found in chests. To open a chest, just walk up to it and attack it, then collect your reward.

Name Sprite HP Drops
Forest Chest Forest chest.png 30 3-10 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-5 Cloth Craft Cloth.png (20%)

1-4 Iron Bar Mineral Bar Iron.png (50%)

1-4 Rope Rope.png (35%)

Essence of Nature Essence Nature.png (12%)

Forest Gloves ChestItem ForestGloves.png (12%)

Traveler Boots ChestItem Traveler Boots.png (12%)

Nature Ring Nature Ring.png (12%)

Snow Chest Snow chest.png 600 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-5 Cloth Craft Cloth.png (20%)

1-4 Iron Bar Mineral Bar Iron.png (65%)

1-5 Heavy Leather Craft Heavy Leather.png (16%)

Essence of Ice Essence Snow.png (12%)

Ancient Pendant Ancient Pendant.png (12%)

Nomads Scarf ChestItem NomadsScarf.png (12%)

Frost Ring ChestItem FrostRing.png (12%)

Desert Chest Desert chest.png 900 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-5 Gold BarGold bar.png(65%)

1-5 Bones Craft Bones.png (20%)

Essence of Earth Essence of earth.png (12%)

Sunglasses ChestItem Sunglasses.png (12%)

Giant Belt ChestItem GiantBelt.png (12%)

Desert Scarf ChestItem DesertScarf.png (12%)

Jungle Chest Jungle chest.png 1500 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-5 Gold BarGold bar.png(65%)

1-5 Vines Craft Vines.png (20%)

Essence of Nature Essence Nature.png (12%)

Pilgrims Boot ChestItem PilgrimsBoots.png (12%)

Mysterious Mask ChestItem MysteriousMask.png (12%)

Jungle Pendant ChestItem JunglePendant.png (12%)

Beehive Chest Beehive chest.png 2000 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-3 Hoparite Bar Mineral Bar Hoparite.png (40%)

1-5 Honey Food Honey.png (20%)

Essence of Nature Essence Nature.png (22%)

Bee Hammer ChestItem BeeHammer.png (12%)

Haste Boots ChestItem HasteBoots.png (12%)

Beekeeper Gloves ChestItem BeekeeperGloves.png (12%)

Mushroom Chest Mushroom chest.png 2200 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-5 Hoparite Bar Mineral Bar Hoparite.png (65%)

1-5 Glow Dust Glow dust-export.png (20%)

Essence of Arcane Essence of arcane.png (20%)

Arcane Hammer ChestItem ArcaneHammer.png (12%)

Glowing Pendant ChestItem GlowingPendant.png (12%)

Tinted Eyeglasses ChestItem TintedEyeglasses.png (12%)

Ice Chest Ice chest.png 2500 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-3 Cryo Bar Mineral Bar Cryo.png (30%)

Essence of Ice Essence Snow.png (20%)

Ice Cream Ice Cream.png (12%)

Frozen Crown ChestItem FrozenCrown.png (12%)

Ice Gloves ChestItem Ice Gloves.png (12%)

Mountain Scarf ChestItem Mountain Scarf.png (12%)

Ocean Chest Ocean chest.png 2800 3-12 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-3 Marine Bar Mineral Bar Marine.png (30%)

Essence of Water Essence Water.png (20%)

Scale Gloves ChestItem ScaleGloves.png (12%)

Stone Belt ChestItem StoneBelt.png (12%)

Traveler Scarf ChestItem TravelerScarf.png (12%)

Hell Chest Hell chest.png 3000 3-10 Cooper CoinsCopper.png(100%)

1-3 Obsidian Bar Obsidianbar.png (30%)

Essence of Fire Essence Fire.png (20%)

Ancient Belt ChestItem AncientBelt.png (12%)

Devils Mask (12%)

Infernal Bow ChestItem InfernalBow.png (12%)

Obelisks[edit | edit source]

Obelisks can be found randomly in caverns you explore as well, like chests you can break them to collect what is inside. Unlike chests, Obelisks drop tokens you can use to temporarily buff yourself in different ways. These buffs are temporary boosts to Statistics that last until your character respawns.

Obelisk Name Icon % Effect
Obelisk2.gif Power Up Health Hp powerup.gif 3 Increases 5 Health Points Icon hp2.png
Power Up Mana Mana upgrade.gif 30 Increases 5 Mana Points Icon mana2.png
Power Up Physical Attack Attack powerup.gif 30 Increases 5 Physical Attack Icon attackDamage2.png
Power Up Spell Power Spell power powerup.gif 30 Increases 5 Spell Power Icon spellpower2.png
Power Up Armor Armor upgrade.gif 30 Increases 5 Physical Defense Icon armor2.png
Power Up Magical Armor Magic armor powerup.gif 30 Increases 5 Magical Defense Icon magicArmor2.png

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