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Noyah is home to several enemies that have formed their own factions. Enemies with factions have a fort that can spawn in the world. This fort spawns waves of enemies, some of which cannot be found in the wild. Faction buildings work as a spawner and can be destroyed by the player to stop the enemies from spawning. There is a counter in the player's inventory that shows how many faction buildings have been destroyed in the current play setting.

Factions[edit | edit source]







Enemies Notable


Melee Ranged Mage Mount Boss Mount
Orc Faction Forest
Faction Forest Melee Orc.png Faction Forest Ranged Orc.png Faction Forest Mage Orc.png Mount Boar Orc Faction.png
Bull Mount forest orc 2.png
Orc AxeOrc axe.png
Ice Troll Snow Biome
Troll house faction building.png
Faction Snow Melee Troll.png Faction Troll Snow Ranged.png Faction Snow Mage troll.png Mount Wolf troll faction.png 152.986x152.986px
Nomad Faction Desert
43.9931x43.9931px Faction Desert Ranged Mummy Nomad.png Faction Desert Mage Mummy Nomad.png Faction Desert Mummy Nomad Flying Ant.png Mount Scorpion Desert Nomad Mummy Faction.png
Tiki Faction Jungle
Faction Jungle Tiki Melee.png Faction Jungle Tiki Ranged.png Faction Jungle Mage Tiki.png Jungle Tiki Bee Mount 1.png Mount Bee Boss 10.png
Locust Faction Oasis
Faction Ocean Nomad Melee.png Faction Ocean Ranged Locust Fish.png Faction Ocean Mage Locust Fish.png Mount Ocean Spider Locust Fish.png Mount Enguia 6.png