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Rhys freeing Froggo.

NPCs are friendly non-playable characters found in Mists of Noyah. NPCs have a number of supportive functions that are useful to the player for crafting items, defending the fortress, and buying and selling resources. The player begins with a single NPC and can find more as they venture into the world. Npcs found in the world will immediately be placed in the fortress. NPCs in the fortress will patrol the ground level killing enemies within their range. NPCs will target the nearest enemy and approach others or remain stationary to defend the fortress. NPC will not leave the base.While NPCs are durable, they aren't invincible. NPCs at low life will retreat towards the crystal. NPCs do regenerate their health slowly and can be the target of buffs and healing skills. NPCs will die if they health reaches 0.

NPC ListEdit

They then are "captured" and must be found again in the world. NPCs are found typically in 2 different areas within a specific biome. NPCs are planned to have expanded services with the continued development of Mists of Noyah.

NPC Services Items and Prices Location
Sells warp scrolls. Scroll of Escape  for 20 

Scroll of Portal for 20 

Risky Portal for 2 

Starting NPC.

Found in the Underground Forest.

Sells Seeds Barley Seed for 20 

Coffee Seed for 20 

Hops Seed for 20 

Herb Seed for 20 

Grape Seed for 20 

Corn Seed for 20 

Found in the Forest
Sells basic Equipment Coal for 30 

Iron Sword for 5 

Iron Helmet for 5 

Iron Heavy Armor  for 5 

Found in the Underground Snow Biome
Sells minor Potions Minor Health Potion for 50 

Minor Mana Potion for 50 

Found in the Mushroom Biome
Sells cooking ingredients Eggs for 25 

Spices  for 30 

Found in the Beehive
Sells the Screw Screw for 20  Found in Hell
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