Snow Biome

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The Snow biome Noyah's frigid area. Home to the Troll Faction, this ice and the connected Underground Snow Biome are the only places to find ice or snow. The enemies are large here or have wide attacking skills so players need make sure to keep or close the distance.

Locales and Hazards[edit | edit source]

Night Creatures

Troll Faction

Enemy List[edit | edit source]

Enemy HP Spawn


Drops Comment
Mammoth 2.png


Mammoth ToothCraft MammothTooth.png

Heavy LeatherCraft Heavy Leather.png

Giant Raw MeatFood RawGiantMeat.png

Faction Snow Troll Melee.png

Snow Troll Melee

Faction Troll Snow Ranged.png

Troll Snow Ranged

Uses an AoE snow attack

Unique Night Enemy List[edit | edit source]

Name HP Location Drops Comments


Snow Biome Wolf FangCraft Wolf Fang.png

Faction Enemy List[edit | edit source]


Treasure/Unique Items[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Location Use
Ice Ice.png Icetree.png

Cutting Ice Trees


WaterTerrain Water.png

Snow Snow.png Standing in water and using

the bucket

WaterTerrain Water.png